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Life Flight Network

Life Flight Network

Welcome. The purpose of this website is to provide Life Flight Network’s rotor and fixed-wing pilots with information about the union organizing process and the benefits of union representation though collective bargaining.

Life Flight Network is a case study on why unions exist. 

The CEO has an obvious disdain for pilots creating a company culture caustic for the line pilot.  The CEO routinely involves himself with pilot issues at the base level, in effect relegating the aviation “chain of command” to administrative duties and leaving the individual pilot without representation.  Pilots are fired for cause or to be made an example of ‘At Will’ employment provides zero job security. 

The Pilots in Command assume the additional risk of the company’s poor planning; short notice shuffling of aircraft and crew to unfamiliar operating areas, opening new bases without adequate aviation planning, hasty schedule changes to cover staff shortages.  These and other issues, such as inequitable overtime travel, expense and pay policies that are below industry standard, pilots being pressed on weather decisions, can only be addressed through the collective bargaining process and can only be guaranteed in a binding union contract.

Pilot unions have been a staple in the airline industry for years. Over 80% of airline pilots are unionized. There is a substantial gap between pay, benefits, and working conditions between airline pilots and EMS pilots. EMS Pilots have been making important strides in improving their wages, working conditions and job security by joining OPEIU at companies such as Air Methods, PHI, Cougar and Orange and bargaining strong contracts.

Organizing requires individual pilots joining to form a cohesive group whose collective voice has the power to affect change. If LFN pilots vote to form a local chapter, OPEIU will hold contract talks with LFN management, just like pilot unions do at all the major airlines. Both the process and the individuals are protected by state and federal law. OPEIU maintains confidentiality with our members and cannot be forced to identify our members. LFN has lawyers, OPEIU has more. 

Success will be determined by individual participation and the cohesiveness of the group.  Stand up for a safe, secure, professional work environment. Scroll through the tabs for more information.